Bench Dedication Program

bench in park

Honor someone special with a permanent, dedicated bench in Eagle Creek Park.

The Eagle Creek Park Bench Dedication Program is a great way to honor someone special, and to contribute to the enhancement of our Park for generations to come! All benches are made of a long-lasting recycled composite material and come with a custom name plate. Your contribution will provide park visitors a place to relax and enjoy all that Eagle Creek Park has to offer.

Cost:  3,000 for flat benches, 3,500 for backed benches. This includes the cost of the bench, labor and materials for installation, and the commemorative brass plaque.
Placement: We will work with you to place a bench in the best spot. The park approves placement of all benches and desired/exact placement is not guaranteed.  
Installation: Depending on the time of year, as well as the location of the desired bench, installation may not occur for several months.

Bench Dedication Map

Below is an interactive map showing the locations of the benches throughout the park. Click on the pins to view an image of the site, the GPS coordinates, and to see what visitors sitting on your bench will see. Yellow pins represent available benches. Benches marked with a red pin are sold and no longer available.

For a more at-a-glance view of the bench locations, see the carousel of images below the map. 

= available              = sold

Complete application to request a dedicated bench

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