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Eagle Creek Park Foundation Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors each serve three-year terms (with a three-term limit), and the directors elect officers every year. Our Associate Board members serve for a single year. For further information about the Board of Directors or if you’re interested in becoming board member, please contact us at or 317.327.7116!

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Eagle Creek Park Foundation

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Eagle Creek Park Foundation
Board Committees

Eagle Creek Park Foundation board members choose between 2 and 4 committees to serve on during their time with the board. These committees help do the work of the Foundation and advise Foundation staff. To ensure the effectiveness of each committee, they were created specifically based on the Foundation’s strategic plan.

Eagle Creek Park Foundation
Director Emeriti

Eagle Creek Park Foundation – Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee, the first “friends group” in the Indy Parks system, has met regularly since 1972. It was established by a group of volunteers who recognized the need for an independent group of concerned citizens to help protect and preserve the unique diverse ecosystems of Eagle Creek Park.

For organizational reasons, it became a standing committee of the Eagle Creek Park Foundation in 1997. It is composed of a balanced spectrum of informed and interested Foundation members whose goal is not only to provide city and parks management unbiased advice on the many environmental and public use issues confronting the park, but also to act as a watchdog group.

The Committee has and continues to play a fundamental role in providing a strong voice on behalf of the Foundation’s membership to preserve, maintain, and improve Eagle Creek Park. The group was also a major contributor to the current park master plan. Our many thanks to the members of the Advisory Committee:

  • Sue Arnold
  • Lou Ann Baker
  • Brent Barta
  • Wayne Bivans
  • Michelle Cloud
  • Michael Eckerle
  • Judy Brown Fletcher
  • Thomas Geisse
  • Nancy Herrin
  • Tabitha Klem
  • John Kohne
  • Karen Bumb Lauer
  • Ned Lewis
  • John Pankhurst
  • David Patterson
  • Jack Patterson
  • Martin Risch
  • Becky Lomax-Sumner
  • Erik Tysklind
  • Jeff Williams
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