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ECPF Staff to Participate in Iron Eagle 

What is Iron Eagle?

For the 11th year, our Iron Eagle Paddle & Run fundraiser is set for Saturday, August 3, 2024 at Eagle Creek Park! All proceeds go to Eagle Creek Park Foundation, we fund projects big and small in the park. The race is open to all ages. Solo and 2 or 3-person teams are all welcome! 3-person teams are not eligible for prizes. The race includes the following three segments:
  • 2.6 mile trail run from the beach to the marina
  • 1.5 mile paddle (kayak or canoe)
  • 2.6 mile trail run from the marina back to the beach

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Eagle Creek Park Foundation's Mission

Eagle Creek Park Foundation provides volunteer and financial support to promote, preserve, protect, and enhance Eagle Creek Park

What makes Eagle Creek Park so unique?

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Bench Dedication Program

Honor someone special with a permanent, dedicated bench in Eagle Creek Park

Eagle Creek Park Facts

Over 1 Million Visitors

Eagle Creek Park is one of the nation’s top 10 largest municipal parks, but Indianapolis’ only park that is mandated to be self-sufficient. We need your help!

Lots of Space

Eagle Creek Park consists of 3,900 acres of woods, meadows and ponds, and 1,300 acres of reservoir — a great resource for both wildlife and recreation.

Bridging a Gap

Indianapolis provides only $24 per resident for parks and recreation, whereas most cities of our size spends roughly $89! —The Trust For Public Land (see pages 16–19)

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