Frequently Asked Questions

General Park FAQ:

Park Rules

  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • The park is open dawn to dusk, unless otherwise posted.
  • Respect your surroundings – all plants, animals, and structures within the park are protected by city ordinance.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car while out enjoying the park.
  • Obey all posted speed limits.
  • Keep dogs leashed at all times.
  • Bicycle only on roadways.
  • Swim only at the beach when lifeguards are present.
  • Use caution when entering roadways and trails.
  • Do not use boat motors greater than 10 horsepower on the reservoir.
  • Alcoholic beverages, loud music, ground fires, littering, hunting/trapping, firewood gathering, off-road biking, and watercrafts of any kind in the waterfowl sanctuary are not permitted in the park at any time.

Fishing is allowed in Eagle Creek Reservoir and Lilly Lake – all Indiana state fishing regulations are enforced. Please visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for more information on obtaining a fishing license and current fishing regulations.

Boats must be 8-foot minimum, 26-foot maximum, with a 10 horsepower motor limit. Small canoes and kayaks can launch from the old boat ramp at the back of the Earth Discovery Center parking lot (must be portaged down the ramp, no vehicles). There is a $3 car top boat launch fee at the gate in addition to the regular vehicle admission fee. Boats with trailers must launch from the 42nd St. boat ramp (on Dandy Trail, south of the Eagle Creek 56th Street gatehouse). There is a $5 daily launch fee, or $20 annual passes are available from the park office. Winter boat storage is also available at the park.

Yes, it is legal to pick mushrooms at any city park including Eagle Creek as long as they don’t come from any of the State Nature Preserves.

Yes! Bald eagles are often seen flying overhead, catching fish or waterfowl in Eagle Creek Reservoir, or perched in trees along the shoreline. Generally there are one to four bald eagles in the area, although they head further south if the reservoir freezes solid in the winter. Good spots to watch for eagles include the Eagle Creek Ornithology Center, Marina, and anywhere you can get a wide view of the sky and shoreline along the reservoir.

Yes, as long as you are taking photos yourself for your own personal use. Professional photography sessions require a photo shoot permit, which must be obtained and paid for in advance from the park office (327.7110, open Mon-Fri).

Drones (UAV’s) are not permitted in the park, unless a permit is issued by the Director of Indy Parks. The drone permit application will need to be accompanied by a COI, Indy Parks commercial photoshoot agreement, FAA certification, and a notification to the airport.

It depends. If would like to offer a class or program to the general public and are charging a fee, you will need to check with the park office or park manager first. Most outside classes or programs require a vendor fee and approved vendor agreement with the park.

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