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About Eagle Creek Park Foundation

Eagle Creek Park Foundation is a nonprofit organization that financially supports the Park.

By adding the sticker to an existing Indy Parks pass, your membership dollars go directly to making the park a better place.

Foundation Pass vs. Indy Parks Pass

An Indy Parks card goes to support all of the 200+ parks in Indianapolis. Eagle Creek Park Foundation is the primary nonprofit partner of Eagle Creek Park.

So, when you become a member of the Foundation, more of your money stays in Eagle Creek Park. Your money goes to fill funding gaps and support Eagle Creek Park projects.

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Watch this video from our Executive Director, Meghan Mustin to find out more about the different between the two passes.

Benefits of membership

Support the Park

Help fill in funding gaps for Eagle Creek Park

Member Discounts

Discounts at your favorite retailers in the park

Member Programs

We help bring members together to enjoy the park

Member only newsletter

Stay up to date with the Park and Foundation

Taking care of our members

Membership in the Foundation helps support Eagle Creek Park and gives members access to perks, programs, and discounts.

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One of our nation's largest parks

Eagle Creek Park is one of the nation’s 10 largest city parks, with more than 1.3 million annual visitors. Your support ensures the park continues to thrive.

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