Foundation Mission

About the Eagle Creek Park Foundation

In 1978, it became apparent that municipal funding for Eagle Creek Park would not be sufficient in order for the remarkable natural resource to meet its full potential. That’s when members of a watchdog group called the Eagle Creek Park Advisory Committee recognized the need for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to help raise money for unfunded park projects, and formed the Eagle Creek Park Foundation.

Ever since, the Foundation has been on a mission to promote, preserve, protect, and enhance Eagle Creek Park. With community support, we can provide financial and volunteer resources above and beyond limited city funding to support essential park projects and programs that otherwise would not exist.

Did you know that the city of Indianapolis provides only $24 per resident for parks and recreation? Yet, the median amount spent per resident in 100 of our country’s most populous cities is $89!
The Trust For Public Land (see pages 1619)

Why do we need your help?

With two state nature preserves spanning over 3,900 acres of wooded terrain and 1,300 acres of water, Eagle Creek Park represents almost half of the acreage under the stewardship of Indy Parks, and is one of the nation’s 10 largest city parks.

From its inception, Eagle Creek Park has been mandated to be self-sufficient. That is why it’s the only park in the Indy Parks system to have a daily entrance fee. However, this nominal fee does not cover the costs to maintain or operate the park.

And while common factors like development, invasive plants, and animal overpopulations increasingly threaten the park, we need to sustain this natural oasis for future generations. But in order to preserve and protect the park’s diverse habitats, and provide funds for trail restoration, environmental education, and enhanced amenities, the Foundation needs volunteer and financial support from our constituents.

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