Partner Pass Program

Partner Pass Program: it’s a win-win!

Eagle Creek Park Foundation’s Partner Pass Program is a simple way to give back to Eagle Creek Park AND support our amazing community partner organizations at the same time! It’s a win-win!

Your dollars go to Eagle Creek Park Foundation – we fund projects in the park. Then we send a park pass to the organization you choose (see below).  The partner organizations will use the passes to provide FREE access to the young people under their care.

Park patron or supporter

Choose your Partner

Our community partners all serve young people in the Indianapolis area.

Donate to ECPF

Donations to Eagle Creek Park Foundation help fund projects in the park

ECPF gifts pass to partner

Passes provide access to Eagle Creek Park for young people and all the benefits* of ECPF membership

*Benefits include, but are not limited to: member discounts in the park, fresh air, and quality time with trusted adult(s) in positive spaces and situations

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Learn more about our community partners!

Study: Connecting access to parks and children's health

We know there a numerous benefits for young people when they have access to parks and the outdoors. These include benefits to their mental and physical health as well as their social and emotional well-being. Eagle Creek Park Foundation is proud to provide access to these organizations and their young people!

“…the total weight of the current evidence supports advocacy for practices and policies that address issues of equitable access to nature. Pediatric health care providers, legislators, and the public need to recognize that nature contact, especially access close to children’s homes, is a potent environmental and social determinant of health with the potential to prevent disease and promote health equity in children.


Fyfe-Johnson, et. al (2001)

from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Nature and Children’s Health: A Systematic Review

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How our community partners support Indy's youth

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