How to Purchase

Here are 4 easy ways to get your Foundation gate pass, which will also benefit the park:

  • Order your Foundation gate pass online via this page
  • Call Sam Chambers at the Foundation office (317.327.7116); credit cards accepted (office open 9am–5pm, Monday–Friday)
  • Stop by our office due west of the 56th Street entrance; ask for Sam or tell the receptionist you’d like a Foundation gate pass
  • Print and complete this form, and mail payment to:
    Eagle Creek Park Foundation
    7840 W. 56th St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46254-9706

Foundation Gate Pass

Eagle Creek Park is the only park within Indy Parks that requires a daily entrance fee, which is $5 per vehicle. We encourage frequent park users to give a minimum $85 donation to the Eagle Creek Park Foundation, which includes the $35 tax-deductible membership (and perks) and annual gate pass eligible for both Marion and out-of-county residents. The pass waives the entrance fee (from dawn to dusk) for one calendar year, and is valid for a motorized vehicle with up to 5 additional guests, or can be used when hiking or biking into the park.

We urge you to get your gate pass through the Foundation because $20 from every pass sold stays with us to support the future of Eagle Creek Park, and this park only! Whereas, passes purchased at the 56th and 71st Street gatehouses, or through Indy Parks (on their website or at the park office) DO NOT fully benefit Eagle Creek Park. Instead, that pass revenue is split up and dispersed throughout the OVERALL Indy Parks system — that’s 207 parks.

Once Foundation donors reach the $85 minimum donation level, every additional $50 qualifies for another gate pass. Again, every $20 of each pass benefits Eagle Creek Park only. Annual gate passes are valued at $50 each.